Naturally quality care and excellent service is important to you so we make them a priority with everything we do. Here are some of the highlights of our center:

Staffing - We pride ourselves in having a caring and highly trained medical staff and adminstrative personnel that work to create a comfortable and safe environment with the highest level of personal care.

Billing - Our billing and insurance relations team is experienced, dedicated and goal driven. They make every effort to ensure that your billing is handled efficiently and professionally and work to mesh the site billing and physician charges on a competitive basis so as to not unduly stress either the physician patient relationship or the physician insurance relationship. It is our goal to be well represented in the plans associated with the largest employers in the State of Arizona. Also, liens will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Facility - Our center is a state of the art surgery center compliant with all 2003 certification requirements for federal, state and local governments. Our facility is designed for efficient expedition of patient care. We have multiple operatories, procedures and recovery rooms designed to enhance the surgical experience from the moment the patient arrives till they have been fully discharged. Our staff is trained in every aspect of patient care that we deliver here at Arizona Surgical Specialists Center.

Convenience - All necessary services from pre-operative assessment and lab tests to discharge will be made available on site. There is ample, free parking and a handicapped-accessible entrance. We accommodate various hours for easy scheduling with your doctor.

We are physician owned and operated in partnership by Arizona Surgical Specialists Center, LLC

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